Naturally delicious.

Our premium cacao nibs are the finest organic Criollo cacao beans, which are fermented, dried, crushed and coated with rich, exotic sweetness.

Eaten as they are or mixed in with müesli, yogurt, ice cream or smoothies, as a crunchy cake topping or in cookie dough, Bio·Inka cacao nibs make for a tasty, nutritious snack!

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Three rich, exotic flavors.

Fruits and roots from the Amazon and the Andes envelop your premium cacao nibs with a rich coat of deliciousness.

With camu-camu berries, sweet lúcuma or the rooty flavor of yacón, we are bringing you a piece of the rainforest straight to your tastebuds.

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100% pure goodness.

All ingredients come from our organic farms in San Martín (Peru). Our cacao nibs are rich in minerals and of exceptional purity (no contact with nuts, dairy or egg). They are great for vegans, lactose-free and gluten-free, non-GMO and without any additives or preservatives.

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Good for nature, too.

Traditional organic farming relies on a natural balance between cacao trees and other indigenous plants. These keep the soil rich and humid, so our cacao nibs are rich in nutritional value and flavor while protecting a precious, diverse ecosystem.

And for the community.

Cultivation, production, sales – it’s all done by one large family, so the profit goes to the producers rather than corporations. And a part of the profit is invested in the community to help farmers’ kids receive the good education they deserve.

In the press

«Bioinka : une fève de cacao d’exception»
(Cote Magazine Geneva, spring/summer 2021)

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