Discover Bio·Inka

Isabella Medina, Bio·Inka founder

The story

Bio·Inka is a Swiss-Peruvian family business based in Geneva and in San Martín (Peru), dedicated to making the best Peruvian superfoods available to you. The company was founded by Isabella Medina, who was born and raised in a family of cacao growers in Peru’s San Martín province.

Cacao farming has a long history in the lush, green valleys between the Andean foothills and the Amazon rainforest. When Isabella’s grandparents married a century ago, it brought together his coffee and cacao patches in the San Martín region and her family’s lands at high altitudes in the Andes, yielding quinoa, yacón and maca.

Sceptical of synthetic fertilizers, they continued to enrich the soil with guano, a natural fertilizer that has been used for over 2000 years. And it has stayed that way from generation to generation, until this very day.

The family venture takes pride in its commitment to traditional organic farming methods and in the exceptional quality of its produce, particularly the rare criollo cacao variety found in the most exquisite chocolates.

Isabella fondly remembers her grandmother preparing delicious snacks by crushing fermented cacao beans, sweetening the mass with naturally sweet yacón syrup or mixing the cacao mass with fruit like lucuma, maca or camu camu. The result were healthy, tasty cacao nibs, rich in magnesium and antioxidants, low in sugar, vegan, non-GM, gluten free, void of any additives, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Bio·Inka exists to celebrate this legacy.

The difference

While millions of farmers produce cacao beans, most of the value is captured by a mere handful of traders and chocolate manufacturers; these often claim 70% of the final price of a chocolate bar while farmers only receive 6%. In Peru, most cacao growers sell their produce to cooperatives which conceal the actual trading price of the cacao. Often unable to complete secondary school due to economic constraints, farmers have little choice but to accept the prices and conditions dictated by the cooperatives.

Bio·Inka products are imported straight from Peru, benefiting the producers by cutting out unnecessary middle men.

The purpose

Bio·Inka seeks to change the lives of cacao farmers’ children, and to empower them through better education and health.

By importing all our products directly from Peru, more of the profit can be invested directly in the communities they come from, improving the standard of living and creating opportunities for the future.

Bio·Inka strives to help farmers’ kids receive the good education they deserve.

Quality control

Bio·Inka controls every step from cacao cultivation to the sale of the finished products, striving for exceptionally high quality throughout the process.

In order to allow for strict quality control as close to the customer as possible, the packaging is done in Switzerland by ProGenève, who have been serving well-known brands from various sectors for decades. We also chose them for their commitment to employing people with disabilities or social difficulties, a cause that resonates with our own values.