Frequently asked questions

Cacao refers to the plant and its nutritious beans. Cocoa is obtained by roasting these beans, which can improve flavor but reduces their nutritious value. In contrast, our cacao nibs are made from raw cacao beans which are fermented, dried, and covered in a delicious coating. They retain a maximum of their nutritious value.

No, we only use unrefined sugar which is artisanally extracted from sugarcane grown organically at high altitudes without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.

The cacao for Bio·Inka products comes from one single region in Peru, and so do all other ingredients we use. This ensures the highly consistent quality and flavor of our products.

It’s even better than that: There is no trade or third-party involvement at all. Any intermediary needs to remain profitable by claiming a portion of the profit, while costly free trade certification schemes further reduce the producers’ income. Bio·Inka is unique: The cultivation of all ingredients, the production, import, and sales are all handled by one single family business.

We rely exclusively on traditional organic farming methods. The only fertilizer used is natural guano. Also, the criollo cacao variety grows best in a mixed environment with other indigenous plants of the Peruvian Amazon. Since the other plants supply nutrients, retain moisture and provide shade for the cacao trees, their protection and the maintenance of a natural balance is central to the success of any organic plantation.

We grow all ingredients within the same region and import the finished products directly from Peru to our packaging partner ProGenève in Switzerland. This means carbon emissions through transport are minimal.

In order to allow for strict quality control as close to the customer as possible, the packaging is done in Switzerland by Pro·Genève, who have been serving well-known brands from various sectors for decades. We also chose them for their commitment to employing people with disabilities or social difficulties, a cause that resonates with our own values.

While our partner Pro·Genève inspects the goods for any visible damage or deterioration as they arrive, samples are tested at UFAG Laboratories in Sursee (canton of Lucerne). A specialized food laboratory fully accredited with the Swiss government, they certify the purity and nutritious value of Bio·Inka products.